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Really Get Sh*t Done

Includes 1 x 300 minute session + 3 x 90 minute sessions

1 payment of $1497.00

Your Home, About, and Services pages written, revised, and shared with the world — in record time!

We start with a consultation so you can get a taste of what working with me is like, and when your excitement builds, we set the date for you to get shit done.

The Day Before: We'll meet for a mind-mining session, discussing your values, your audience, and what matters to them (and you) in your work. You'll set a goal for The Day Itself, one that makes you feel like you're pushing yourself to the edge of your bravery (within the limits of time, space, and physics – for now!).

The Day Itself: We get together for a 5-hour focused hands-on online writing workshop. We talk, we laugh, we cry — but mostly, we write.

You'll need have access to your own website (or blog or LinkedIn page or... ) so we can paste new words directly in place and get your message out there right away. Writing it in place means getting it heard.

At the end of the day, your message is resounding through the world and you are clearer than ever about the incredible work you do – after all, it's on the internet, so it must be true!

During the following week, you'll get 1 more call to go over any loose ends, discuss revisions, and set future goals for where your writing needs to go next.

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